Fuzzy Logic

Nuptek Systems Ltd. has used Fuzzy Logic as a tool to implement:

    • Control functions within Real-Time Embedded Systems
    • Identification & Estimation
    • Adaptive Control
    • Modeling of Human Factor Engineering Processes

Nuptek Systems Ltd. has developed the design of a Fuzzy Logic Design Shell, implemented in C++, and has provided courses on the various aspects of Fuzzy Logic. Moreover, Nuptek conducts some independent research on:

    • Use of Fuzzy Sets in Adaptive Function Approximation
    • Fuzzy CA (Cellular Automata) and LGCA (Lattice Gas Cellular Automata) With Fuzziness At The Update Rule Level
    • Monitoring The Evolution Of Fuzzy Logic Standard
      • IEC 1131-7
      • IEEE 1855-2016 - IEEE Standard for Fuzzy Markup Language
    • Analysis & Design Methods for Fuzzy Logic
    • Fuzzy String Matching (i.e. "how to find most likely correct string when the string is typed incorrectly?")

If you feel that Nuptek Systems Ltd. can help your organisation adopting fuzzy logic, please, do not hesitate and email your request to info@NuptekSystems.com